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Department of Industrial Engineering operates under the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb.
On this web site you will find out general information about our Department, what we offer to industry and scientists, and also in the field of education. Here you can take a look at the curriculum, find out more about the module of Industrial engineering and management, and try to become a part of our successful team at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level or in the process of lifelong learning.


The Department of Industrial Engineering, analogous to similar departments at other foreign universities, contains scientific disciplines for research and development, design, implementation, and maintenance and management of production processes for industrial companies.
The field of industrial engineering includes the design of production and business processes of industrial entities, integration of flows of materials, products, information and human resources, and management of all factors of production, with continuous efforts to improve and optimize that process and system. This is achieved by using knowledge in production design, production control and defining social relationships.

Department of Industrial Engineering consists of three chairs and three laboratories: