History of the Department of Industrial Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FAMENA) is the successor of the Department of the Organization and operates under this name since 1998. Scientific, educational, and professional activity of the Department falls under the branch of production engineering in the scientific field of mechanical engineering and research area of technical sciences. The first traces of such approach to complex problems in management and optimization of production and business are found at the Royal Technical College (1919 - 1926) in the form of courses that were introduced in 1925: Management and operation of the factory, National Economy, Financial Sciences, Social Politics. The idea for these courses came from engineer Đuro Stipetić, founder of the Department of Naval Architecture at the Technical High School, and the first lecturer of the course Management and operation of the factory.

The next step was the the establishment of the Department of Technology and the Organization of Production, founded by professor Ivo Hercigonja, who introduced several new courses, and some of them are still under the same or similar name in the curricula of several departments.

Technical High School in Zagreb (founded with the aim of training highly skilled engineering staff for the development of industrial production) had introduced entirely new scientific disciplines: process planning, maintenance, operations research, mathematical statistics, work study, operative preparation, production improvement, organization and design of factories, control and quality management, business economics, psychophysiology of work, work safety, material handling, etc.

Special credit for this development belongs to professor Aleksandar Đurašević (1922 - 1974), who founded the area that was established in developed industries as Industrial Engineering. Introducing an entirely new scientific disciplines in the field of managing business and production systems, strongly bolstered by operations research methods, has resulted in the formation of Computer Centre (founded in 1973 at the Chair of Organization of Companies). Later, in 1974 this was transferred to shared services of FAMENA and it operates under the same name today.

In 1907, the academic title "bachelor's degree" in the field of industrial engineering was awarded for the first time at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1948, in the USA the Institute of Industrial Engineering was established. In Europe, the term “industrial engineering” appeared in 1948. In 2007 at FAMENA, the first student finished his five-year study and earned the title of Master of Mechanical Engineering in the module of Industrial Engineering and Management.