Areas of research and collaboration

In the organized scientific and research program, members of the Department are participating in several research projects funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports or funded by the industrial entities.

Areas of research:

A. Field of production control:
- operations research in production engineering
- LEAN and Six Sigma methodology of production enhancement and control
- Green and Lean production
- production management
- statistical analysis of production process characteristics
- design and analysis of experiments - experimental optimization
- stochastic simulation of processes
- production costs and business analysis - production economics
- establishing, evaluating and improving production strategy
- maintenance of technical systems
- multi-criteria decision making

B. Field of production design:
- PLM concept
- Process planning
- estimation of production time by regression analysis and neural network
- Work Study and Ergonomics
- total product costs estimation including LCA method
- (Green) Supply Chain Management
- optimization of logistics processes through modelling and simulation
- material flow design
- facilities design – manufacturing plant, warehouse

C. Field of sociology:
- sociology in industrial environment
- ethics in engineering and sustainable development
- information society


  • EU TEMPUS project:
  • Consortium TEMPUS IV JPCR_144959, "Master Studies and Continuing Education Network for Product Lifecycle Management with Sustainable Production", 2009-2011, main researcher in CRO: prof. Predrag Ćosić, coordinator to the EU: Franco Lombardi, Torino.

  • Bilateral project:
  • The bilateral Slovenian-Croatian project "Virtual Manufacturing – Step to Competivity and Sustainable Development", (2007-2008); project supported Slovenian and Croatian cooperation in science, and it was funded by Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and Slovenian Research Agency (ARSS), Main researcher of the Croatian part of the project: prof. Predrag Ćosić.

  • Scientific projects:
  • 1. Effects of production process on competitiveness and sustainable development, 2007- , Zagreb, Predrag Ćosić.
    2. Intelligent process planning and reengineering, 2004-2006, Zagreb, main researcher: doc. Predrag Ćosić.
    3. Dynamic modeling of logistics systems, 2002-2006, main researcher:Čedomir Oluić.
    4. New models of managing production and bussines of SME's, 2003-2006, Zagreb, main researcher: Nikola Šakić.
    5. Managing producton by using artificial intelligence, 1997-2001, Zagreb, main researcher: Nikola Šakić.

  • IT projects:
  • 1. Base of planning technological processes-WEB Textbook, IT project, IT 2002-131, 01.11.2002-05.11.2003, project coordinator: Predrag Ćosić.
    2. Modelling of technological database, IT project, IP 171, /00-240/01.11.2000-01.11.2001, MZT, project coordinator: Predrag Ćosić.


  • Projects for the industry:
  • 1. "Improving the business of SMEs by applying Lean System"; 2008- now, Project coordinator: Nedeljko Štefanić, Ministry of Economy.
    2. "Achieving business excellence by implementation of Lean Systems in manufacturing and service companies of Republic of Croatia"; 2007–2008, Zagreb; Project in collaboration with students. Project coordinator: Nedeljko Štefanić, ADRIS Foundation.
    3. "Improving water management", 2007, Hrvatske vode, Vodoprivreda; implementation of quality system in water management; improvement of business process.
    4. "Informatization of business-manufacturing process", Project coordinators: Nikola Šakić, Nedeljko Štefanić. Companies: Tvornica tekstilnih strojeva-Zagreb, Tvornica strojeva Bratstvo-Zagreb, Tvornica alata Sintal-Zagreb, Tvornica laboratorijskog stakla-Pula, Tvornica strojeva i ljevaonica Rapid-Virovitica, Tvornica strojeva, uređaja i ljevaonica Dalit-Daruvar, Presečki bus-Krapina, Tvornica plinskih turbina-Karlovac, GP Tempo-Zagreb.